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Chill And Grill

It’s spring they say and we wanted to make sure it’s true. As the city of Timișoara has great gardens and urban landscapes, we chose to turn our #springhassprung party into a picnic in one of the wildest such places, Scart, a chill place. 

Long story short, to show its gratitude for the past years and hopes for the future, BM invited us for a Friday picnic at lunch, during work hours (and this actually made our day), and a drink or more.

We were served cheese fries and the one and only traditional grill, the eternal must-have at picnics, national holidays, and beer festivals: the unique SMALLS, the MITITEI, the MICI, larger than usual, but just as good. We just can’t get enough. 

And we tried endlessly and continuously… for some hours and happily ever after.

Besides, refreshments, drinks, and chitchat helped and made room for more. Dance would have also, but we only like it in our heads at noon. So, we didn’t move our bodies, but our lips hardly got a moment’s rest. We just went on and on talking, eating, and drinking. A helluva' jaw exercise. Oh, the muscle soreness the next day.

I’m not whining, actually, I’m an objective storyteller longing for more such events. That was an incredibly long-term lunch, 5 days, and still not hungry. And counting!


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