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Why Our Breakfast Is Worth Waking Up For

It’s the first Thursday of the month. We all know that means community breakfast at our cool location in Timisoara - F O R. It’s not only our team at BusyMachines there, it’s the whole bunch of people in the workspace, as diverse and colorful as the food in front of us.

I know for a fact that we kind of missed such types of gatherings, both as a team and just as people working together in the same space. Proof that we came to work earlier and were more cheerful than usual.

The game this morning was to talk about what you wanted to be as a kid and what you’ve become. And where your dreams have gone… What has happened on your way to maturity? For those of us, older age - younger spirit, the curiosity was to find when the software developer profession became part of a child’s dream. And we have many stories of this kind at BusyMachines. 

While a ping pong ball was traveling from one another, we saw our colleagues growing up in front of our eyes. We laughed at their stupid dreams and pretended to be impressed by what they achieved. We drank kids bubbly and licked our plate clean as we all remembered eating up was a must!

Nevertheless, we made one mistake: we talked while eating!

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