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Working With The BusyMachines

How’s working at BusyMachines? 

Well, our colleagues have different opinions about it. The common points they all agree upon are the company culture keywords we’ve been so used to: 

  • fun
  • collaborative
  • transparency
  • flexibility
  • challenging and so on. 

Yes, we do have all the benefits a software company usually offers – from coffee, fruit, and sweets to video games – but this is not what makes us come to work in the (more late than early) morning, even if the policy is remote/hybrid/home office of choice. It’s our friendly mates, as diverse as the time they arrive to work. In any case, 10:30 am is our limit most of the time, when the standup finds some of us at their third cup of coffee and others have been able to take a mere sip. 

Still, the jokes during our morning meetings, either online or on-site, wake everyone up and make us indulge ourselves in the sweet atmosphere of friendly irony and hard work. What’s for sure is that the day follows its course in the same joyful, energetic and dynamic working mood.

As self-development has always been encouraged at BusyMachines, our workplace is a great place to learn while working, and it makes you feel great.

On top of that, when at work, lunch always takes you by surprise. Time has come again for discussions, technical, professional, or just weather-related while eating, then one more work session, the afternoon coffee, and time to go home, or to a beer, your choice.

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