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Working With The BusyMachines

How’s working at BusyMachines? 

Well, our colleagues have different opinions about it. The common points they all agree upon are the company culture keywords we’ve been so used to: 

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React Native vs. Native Development iOS / Android


What Native Development for Android/iOS is

The term native development applies to creating a mobile app for one platform only, which is, as far as we are concerned, iOS or Android. Specific...

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Why Our Breakfast Is Worth Waking Up For

It’s the first Thursday of the month. We all know that means community breakfast at our cool location in Timisoara - F O R. It’s not only our team at BusyMachines there, it’s the whole bunch of...

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BusyMachines Stands Tall With Small Businesses

Small business owners face struggles every day and work really hard to provide their customers with one-of-a-kind service. BusyMachines has been providing software development services to small and...

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Why Fintech Companies Need To Innovate & Scale Up Fast

When High Finance And High Tech Meet — Why Fintech Companies Need To Scale Up Fast

There was a time when all of our financial transactions were completed through banks and businesses who had been...

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Software Development Project: Roles And Responsibilities

The Gang’s All Here — How To Identify The Key Players In Your Software Development Team. Planning a software development project involves a lot of moving parts — and careful planning is vital for the...

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Add Weight To Your Tech Team By Knowing When To Scale

As your business grows there will, almost certainly, come a time when your thoughts turn to scaling your engineering team to reflect your growing success. Although it may not seem so long ago that...